Email Marketing Campaigns

The phones are busy, the social media accounts aren’t getting any replies, and yet you need to get in front of a customer or client to inform them of an exciting change or development… Sounds familiar, right?

EasyCMS have a perfect and time-tested solution: email marketing.

Be it a one-off email, or a high volume campaign based event, we can help you deliver your message to the right place and the right people, time after time.

Email is the core tool of business communication – where people may not have the time to take a call, they will always browse their emails. It’s the ideal media through which to communicate your brand, product news, business events or stock sale events. It can be broad and generic, or targeted and fine tuned – here at EasyCMS we have the tools to fulfil your requirement.

As an email marketing customer, you can expect EasyCMS to construct and tailor beautiful, eye-catching HTML emails emblazoned with your company branding and livery. We will make it easy to get your brand in front of your clients, be they current or prospective.

Do you want to find out more about email marketing, or perhaps have a chat to our knowledgable marketing team about campaigns and specific issue email shots? Just drop us a line – we have a solution waiting for you, whatever your requirement.

What we offer
WordPress Website Design

We’re a team of web and digital experts offering you a full-service WordPress web experience including design, development, optimisation and digital marketing.

Providing a full-service experience encompassing the entire life cycle of your website, we offer a full web design and web development service with bespoke development on the WordPress platform.

Our on-the-ball approach helps you from the onset – the initial discussion all the way through to design and development makes sure that you get the very best for your website.

If that’s not enough, we also offer domain services and WordPress website hosting solutions, ensuring that your website is kept secure and that it respond quickly to each and every server request.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring that your website succeeds online means that you should try with SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. If you’re selling products on your site, generating leads/enquiries or improving the awareness of your brand or company, EasyCMS can help you reach their full potential online with a full range of SEO Services.

Our method is simple; we first run a full audit of your site so that we are able to improve your existing strategy or provide a strategy for your site that is specific to your business. Our services include Organic SEO, PPC, Content Writing and Content Marketing and last, but not least, Social Media.

There’s no ‘one best way’ to run an SEO strategy, as the goalposts are always moving. Or strategy will not be static – we will regularly monitor and tweak the strategy to ensure that you are getting the best return on interest from your website. We also provide a regular report so that you are able to keep an eye on the whole process.


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